JonDorr was founded by a Portland, Oregon based couple with decades of shared experience in designing, enhancing and upgrading interior spaces. Using traditional carpentry and finishing techniques, JonDorr’s barn style doors reflect their passion for creating high-end doors that merge design with durability, artistry with function. Committed to classic craftsmanship, their doors are heirloom pieces that bring grace, style and tradition to any home or business.


Designed and fabricated in their studio set in the rolling farmland outside of Portland, JonDorr’s barn style doors combine original design with detailed planning and exacting craftsmanship. Using only the finest materials combined with traditional carpentry, cabinetry and finishing techniques, JonDorr’s barn style doors transform what is usually an unremarked upon  household feature into a custom-made piece of art.


JonDorr’s barn style doors are hand-crafted using a variety of old-school construction techniques. Tongue and groove, stile and rail, mortise and tenon joinery, wood and metal inlay, Japanese charring methods, lattice work and a wide variety of painting techniques are used in creating the doors’ distinctive styles and ensuring their longevity.


Each JonDorr creation is individually hand-built with both sides considered as integral elements. In some cases the two sides are the same; in others they are designed so each side is stylistically congruent with the room it faces. The majority of the doors are built from up-cycled, repurposed or salvaged lumber and use waterproof glues to guard against warping.  JonDorr’s standard doors allow for a 2-inch overlap on both sides of the doorway.


JonDorr’s doors are shipped as finished pieces, requiring no assembly other than the purchase and installation of the mounting board and track hardware.


A description of each of the unique door styles can be read on the ‘Our Doors’ page. JonDorr specializes in designing and fabricating customized barn style doors so please feel free to contact them with your vision and specific needs.


Welcome to JonDorr, your gateway to unique, hand-built barn style doors.